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Kinney County, 2nd Addendum to 2nd Agreement (GEO, CEC), 2015

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This Second Addendum to the parties Second Amended and Restated Facility
Operation and Management Agreement (hereinafter "Second Addendum") is entered into by
and between KINNEY COUNTY, TEXAS (hereinafter "County") and COMMUNITY
EDUCATION CENTERS, INC., (hereinafter called "Operator") to become effective on
April 1, 2015.
WHEREAS, the County is the Owner or equitable owner of that certain Facility
known as the "Kinney County Detention Center" (hereinafter "Facility"); and
WHEREAS, on or about April 1, 2012, parties executed a Second Amended and
Restated Facility Operation Agreement · ("Agreement''), governing the operation and
management of the Facility; and
WHEREAS, Section 2.10 of the Agreement states that at the expiration of the three
(3) year Primary Term, the parties may mutually agree to a one (1) year renewal of the
Agreement on mutually acceptable terms; and
WHEREAS, on or about December 1, 2013, an Addendum to the Agreement
executed between the parties became effective, with a new total inmate per diem rate of
Fifty-Five ($55.00) Dollars. The parties further agreed to be compensated at the rates
established in the December 1, 2013 Addendum: That being $39.50 per Diem to the
operator and $7.00 per Diem to the County.
NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual rights, benefits and obligations
herein exchanged, the parties do covenant, agree and bind themselves as follows:
The parties have come to mutually acceptable terms and extended the Agreement
for an additional one (1) year renewal period after the Primary Term of the Agreement ends
on March 31, 2015. All previous terms and conditions of the previous operating agreement
and above referenced Addendum, remain in effect.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have caused this Second Addendum
to be duly executed below.

Second Addendum to Second Amended and Restated Facility Operation BIid Management Agreement
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SIGNED this

30 day of







By:-----------""�----1'--'-"''1/L=-----"iii���Debra Shannon,
Executive Vice President and General Counsel

Second Addendum to Second Amended and Restated Facility Operation and Management Agreement
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[ [2015.04.01 - 2016.03.3\iYuL
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